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Why I don't use hormonal contraception (pill, coil, etc.)

This post addresses a topic that randomly came up in conversations with girlfriends during the last couple of weeks and I realised that what I shared individually might benefit more goddesses.

I have only a few times in my life used hormonal contraception methods. Even though the thought was tempting to just have "it sorted", not having to worry or even think about it. My body always gave me clear signals to stop taking them which made it impossible for me to be on any sort or hormonal contraception for longer than a few months. I either threw up after taking the pill, felt constantly bloated or had continuous spotting throughout my cycle. Apart from the bodily symptoms, I also felt not like myself, felt detached and disconnected to my body. Now, I even wonder how I could ever get myself to swallow these pills as the mere thought of it gives me a big "No, it's not good for you" answer.

Apart from the pill being really harmful in terms of artificial ingredients that all go into your body constantly influencing you on many levels, such as your physical body as well as mental health and of course energy body, it also majorly disconnects you from your divine feminine power. The compass every woman can use to navigate and get clues into her own Being and the cosmos by riding the waves of the different seasons every month is on a stand still. Our cycles connect us to Mother Earth as our bodies are 60% water and so is She (70%) as we synchronise ourselves with Her. By taking away the cycle, which the pill is created to do, we can't feel as much, or at least that's what I experienced. We feel "off", because we suppress out natural flow, we are "offline". Our feminine power lies in our intuition, our ability to connect and go deep within to explore and experience our own vastness of being. It's about experiencing the different stages of our cycles, the ebb and flow, to experience how it is all connected to a greater whole. Our cycles give us the opportunity to honor our ability to create. Why would we ever want to cut ourselves off from that gift?

I understand that the thought is tempting because it's like a quick fix: regulate your cycles, make them uniform and make your periods less painful or heavy. But why not try and find the root causes of our heavy bleeding or pain? Why not slow down and give our bodies rest and work towards a more wholesome lifestyle such as a movement practice, whole foods and inner work addressing our wombs? Throughout the last years I have managed with those exact tools to create a flow that is no longer painful and when it is, I know my blind spots and can address them straight away.

When hormonal contraception first hit the market in the 60's it was spurred by the feminist movements that sought equal rights and opportunities and greater personal freedom for women. Women began finding their voices and wanted to be free from society's expectations and ideas. They wanted to take matters in their own hands. The pill offered just that. But what many don't acknowledge is that this movement was maybe born out of a sincere call from the heart for freedom and self-determination, but was executed by the mind in a strong "I"-dentity consciousness: "I want this, I want that". Maybe it was a form of rebellion and breaking free that took place. The knowledge was simply not there to take it any deeper at this point. It is decisions made from the mind rather than from a connection of heart and mind. It came from an idea of "control" over our bodies.

Every month, a woman can technically get pregnant on 5 days. That's only 5 days of a (roughly) 29 day cycle. However, there are many different factors that need to sync to make it happen. Not only physiological ones, but also timing of the baby soul and the bigger plan (which medicine and science obviously don't acknowledge - you know that in your heart if you ask to be connected to it). Why do you think there are so many couples trying for a baby? 35% of couples conceive after approximately 6 months and 85% after about a year. Only 35% get pregnant when having sex two to three times during fertile days. There is a subtle and complex process behind it all. I honor this process and trust that my intentions for my life are merged with the bigger picture that I subtly navigate through and I allow life to happen through me. I surrender control in acknowledging that I can never truly control anything.

I am inviting you to tune in with your body daily to connect deeper with your womb and yoni to learn about her unique journey every month. What can help is to start measuring temperature every morning in bed and examining your discharge and it will give you simple clues about your fertile days. Over a few months there is picture that emerges through observation and tuning in. Those are the things women used to do and women still do and have done for example in tribes and different cultures that live remotely. This is not at all new. Womb wisdom is about feeling, touching and sensing. Modern science and the masculine approach in which Western society moves and has been led, just never taught us this. It's up to us to reclaim this wisdom that we each carry within. We are invited to become fully self sovereign beings. We know better than any physician about what is going on with and inside of us. It's time to take the blind fold off.

I started with measuring my temperature for a few cycles, but I realised that it wasn't actually necessary. I instinctively "knew" when it was time and if at that point I didn't want to take any chances I would either abstain from sex or use condoms. If you google the temperature method you will see that this method of contraception is just as effective, if not more effective than the pill! There are very developed devices to measure your temperature and even take notes on each day of your cycle which really helps you to tune in. Look into that if you are looking for advanced and more fancy methods of measuring. Oftentimes doctors just don't tell you about this, because pills is all they know and are taught (don't forget the big bucks the pharmaceutical industry makes with the pill). Generally, money is made where we are disconnected from ourselves and uneducated. Not saying that every doctor has a money making agenda, it simply comes from the way this system is built up from the ground. BUT - There are holistic doctors out there which I had the pleasure to meet, which is of course amazing. So let's focus on that and the ways different knowledge can be connected and used, complimenting each other in the best possible way.

Another thing I would like to mention is the strong evidence on the harmful effects of the pill. The World Health Organisation has confirmed hormonal contraceptives are carcinogen. In a report in 2005 the WHO has also discussed the breast cancer - pill link. You can find the study online. This is just one of the reports that are out there. There are many side effects and risks associated with the pill I am not mentioning here, which you can look up online.

I believe that when you interfere with the delicate system "body", there will be consequences. One pill often requires another, it's a vicious cycle. The body is a perfect design and I believe there is actually more to be discovered about our physical bodies and its abilities. The idea of the pill is a symbol of its time, it was how we thought and knew best at the time. Now we know better. I choose a life without interventions and a natural way of living. I trust that I dance with the flow of All That Is in divine unison. xx Lena



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