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Two winter warmers from me to you!

Two plant based recipes to warm you from the inside out

I feel so excited to share two of my favourite winter warmers with you! Who’s ready to warm their soul and belly with some delicious plant based wholesome recipes?

Plant based, heart opening cacao medicine

Hot chocolate has always held a special place in my heart. I was never a huge coffee lover, but I still loved having something to sip on that would provide me with this homey cozy feeling, allowing me to feel nurtured while indulging in something truly delicious with all of my senses. I have found cacao to have such an amazing effect on my well being and overall mood. And while enjoyed in doses, this hot chocolate recipe can be a perfect idea for a beautiful self care routine. Grab your journal, play some of your favourite music and get ready to unwind and enjoy something truly special.

Ideally you enjoy this heart opening nourishing beauty as a whole food by getting ceremonial grade cacao. Ceremonial grade cacao is essentially a whole food, as a block or discs of ceremonial cacao include the whole fruit — the cacao butter fat and the cacao powder. You can check online for sustainably sourced small resellers. It truly makes all the difference. If you don't have ceremonial cacao handy, you can of course use a high quality cacao powder for this recipe.

The Recipe (one cup):⠀

- 10 discs ceremonial cacao or 2 tbsp cacao powder⠀

- 1 cup of hot spring or filtered water or coconut milk (the milk makes it a bit more creamy and rich)⠀

- 1 teaspoon coconut oil (optional)⠀

- Cinnamon, stick or ground⠀

- Ground nutmeg⠀

- Pinch of chilli

- Sweeten to taste with coconut sugar, coconut blossom nectar (my favourite!) or dates

Blend on high for 20 seconds, pour in your most beloved mug and enjoy in gratitude.

Rice Noodle Soup with lots of flavour and spice

I just love simplicity, which means I have become a fan of bowls of all sorts. In this case, I love a hearty, nutritious noodle soup with different nutritious foods all in one bowl that all give their unique flavours. Perfect to get all your nutrients and goodness in one meal, comforting and filling.

The Recipe:

200 g (7 oz) rice noodles

1 shallot, sliced

3 shiitake mushrooms, dried or fresh

60 ml (2 fl oz / ¼ cup) coconut aminos

1 tsp coconut sugar

500 ml (17 fl. oz / 2 cups) water

1 pak choi, cut lengthways

Handful of sugar snap peas

¼ garlic clove, peeled

1 big thumb-sized piece of fresh root ginger

To serve:

Spring onions

Freshly chopped red chilli

Lime wedges

Start by cooking the rice noodles in boiling water with salt, drain and set aside when finished.

Use a medium size pan, heat oil and add shallot and mushrooms (dried mushrooms have to be soaked for at least 30 minutes in hot water prior to using them). Cook for a few minutes and then add the coconut aminos and coconut sugar. Reduce the heat.

Add the water, pak choi and sugar snaps. Turn up the heat and bring to a boil.

Once the soup has started boiling, take off the heat, grate in garlic, add ginger. You can just squeeze the ginger with your fingers to get the juice out to avoid getting the pieces in the soup!

Prepare two bowls adding the noodles to each bowl and pour over the soup. Sprinkle the spring onions and hot chilli on top with the lime wedges for squeezing. Bon appetit and happy holidays xx Lena

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