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Updated: Jul 27

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Hey guys,

I've been getting a lot of downloads in recent times, well since about a year to be precise. Before the destructuring process of the old systems even began, I was told that we are already starting to build the new systems and laying the ground work for the future. A time where we will return to peaceful living, existing as one with the Earth and her inhabitants. At the time, I couldn't quite grasp the enormity and speed at which the collapse of the old would take place. One thing kept being pushed into my awareness: The souls incarnating now and in recent times. They are the big hope for humanity and the future of this planet. They come in in absolute purity, no baggage, no karma. They come in just to share their gifts with the world, their joy and love - they are clever and perfectly balanced. They are powerful! They choose their parents based on their frequency, they do not need to incarnate into dysfunctionality to learn lessons, in fact, the parents receiving them have been preparing for them by clearing and purifying themselves. They have signed up for this, some a long time ago, some answer the call when they knock. There is an urgency that is being communicated to me, all in perfect timing, yet, they are ready to come in now!

Are you perhaps one of the parents destined to carry such a soul in? I offer readings and guidance on this topic as I am simultaneously writing a book to provide a deeper perspective into this. It is my contribution to the New Earth, to the mothers and goddesses that are bringing in these souls of purity. The ones that hold the future of this earth in their precious hearts, the ones we prepared so long to welcome here.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to connect X Lena

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