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The idea that we can save others from their destiny

As conscious people, many of us aware of themselves as "lightworkers"- the catalysts for growth and bearers of light - at some point or another, face the challenge of the martyr. This desire and inner pull to "help others awaken" or "see things" the way we see it. This same theme can also show itself in trying to "rescue" others - identify with all that's going on on earth and seeing it as our responsibility to actively change or manipulate the unfolding of life. This can apply to the big scale events or play itself out on an individual scale as "rescuing an individual". But this behaviour and thinking is not only disrespectful towards life and others in general, but also highly dysfunctional. How do we know, from our own limited perspective, that this is what needs to be done? Or are we acting from a conditioned state that tells us what is right and wrong? It is a big challenge and has been for eons, as many of us have seen in the cycles of descension. As we incarnated repeatedly and witnessed and participated in the so called dark ages, where we forgot who we are and the power that is ours to claim. We have seen the Earth being destroyed which caused tremendous grief and despair. In fact, this is an ancient theme running in the subconscious that we still "remember" as a collective.

I have been able to let go of this as of recently and move into more peace, acknowledging and respecting all life forms and expressions. Some old thinking patterns can creep in at times, which I can then address and become aware of consciously - but the "saviour" is in no way as prominent as it used to be! One of the most powerful realisations I had, was a profound insight that there is only One. In the vast ocean that is all life, there are currents and waves ever moving. All these waves are expressions of all there is. When we really and truly know without a shadow of a doubt that there is only one being in existence and that we are expressions, made out of the water of the ocean like everyone else, we realise there is no "good" and "bad". There is no opposites and trying to change something in the "outside" becomes nonsensical. Everything we see at this moment is an expression of ourselves, it is a manifestation of our own beliefs and attitudes. In becoming aware and consciously deal with the beliefs that we hold, we are taking responsibility for our own being. In doing that, we take our power right back and there becomes power available that impacts change! How ironic!

We are here to help create heaven on earth - and it starts with us. As we eliminate obsolete thinking patterns and programs that govern us, we become free from the inside out and this WILL reflect on the large scale too. So who do you need to save? It is yourself. Much love to you xx lena

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