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Supplements, vitamins, prenatals - What do you need?

I was just using a magnesium oil spray and noticed how good it made me feel, so I thought I could write a post about the use of supplements and vitamins during pregnancy.

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I am just sharing my experience and personal opinion with you to maybe inspire you to discover and connect to your own body's wisdom. Starting out early in my pregnancy, I felt that I wanted to take something to be absolutely sure I would get all the nutrients my baby needs. Before getting pregnant I made an effort to eat as healthily I could, with lots of organic fruit and veg and also made sure to do some fasting just to prepare my body for the journey that is pregnancy. During pregnancy you might get surprised as your body and baby's tastes can differ from what you normally have - also nausea during the first trimester can make it hard to get enough nutrients. Just make sure you get enough fluids/water and don't force yourself to eat when you really don't feel like it. I don't think that nature makes any mistakes and I gathered that maybe my body was so specific in its requirements during this early time for a reason.

I did a lot of research and decided to take a methylfolate supplement during my first trimester - methylfolate is the most natural, stable, safe and bioeffective form of folate (folic acid). Folic acid is needed for healthy spine and brain development in the baby in the early stages of pregnancy. In the beginning when the baby is still really tiny, I felt it was very susceptible to what I was consuming and absorbing, much more so than now which was very interesting. So I took this one daily tablet and felt good with it. After pretty much exactly 12 weeks I felt clearly that I now no longer require this tablet and intuitively stopped taking it. At this point, the baby's body had been fully formed. Make sure to always do your own research. A combination of really listening to my body and doing my own research is what helped me navigate this journey.

In my second trimester, when the red blood cell volume increases by 20-30% and the blood plasma increases by 40-50% to provide the placenta with extra blood flow, I started to feel a bit dizzy from time to time. I suspected low blood pressure and knew instantly that I would probably require some sort of extra iron in my diet. I always try to increase whatever I need through my diet, but in this case I just wanted to make sure that I would feel better very soon, so I decided to take a natural iron supplement called "Floradix Liquid" - it also contains Vitamin C and some other vitamins which make the absorption of iron easier. It was really interesting that when I started taking it, the supplement tasted very sweet, by the time I finished the bottle it tasted super rusty! Intuitively I knew that I must have reached the point where my body had enough iron now. I felt instantly better and the dizziness went away as soon as I started taking it. As you can see, I go with my intuition. My general suggestion is to always trust your feeling and your body. The body will give you signs and signals in terms of requirements. You can ask your body directly to give you signs on what you need too! This has worked wonderfully for me.

Just take a moment to feel into your body and start asking questions. "Are you getting all the nutrients you need to function optimally, body?" "Is there anything I should have that I am currently not getting through my diet?" "Let me know now what I need to add for you to reach a state of perfect health and balance." "Is there anything I should take to assure my baby's health and wellbeing?" Just wait for the answer to present itself. A Yes/No can - with some practise - be felt very clearly! It's empowering to be in such a communion with your body, to listen, talk, feel and connect. We always receive clues through the world we create and interact with. It could be through something someone says, something you spontaneously hear, something that pops up inside of you or in front of you. Ask to become aware and you will see the answers lie right in front of you.

Much Love X Lena

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