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Structured Water, purest water there is

By popular request of clients and friends I wanted to tell you more about my experience with my structured water device. You might wonder what that is. Let's start from the beginning. I was always fascinated by water. I love swimming, bathing and I love drinking water too. I would say water has always been my favourite drink!

Back in the day I was the one in my friendship group that could taste the different waters, when no one else could. This was years ago! Before I heard or read about Masaru Emoto's water experiments and even before I did energy work, pre-awakening. There was water that I could not drink because it tasted absolutely horrible to me and I am talking about bottled water mostly. People would often laugh and think I must be joking. We even used to do blind water tasting and I could always tell the waters apart.

The topic recently came back to me as I really wanted to have a system in place so we could start drinking our tap water in our apartment. Believe it or not, I have always bought bottled spring water. And always stuck with the one brand that I liked. Quite suddenly though, I felt that it didn't make sense buying water as it should be freely available (in a pure form) and also I wanted to further reduce our recycling. I have started my quest to find a system that not only provided pure water, but didn't come with running costs. I knew of all the expensive water installations underneath the sink (reverse osmosis) and we have also used one of the jugs with filter (plastic) that had to be replaced every month or so. I was just not convinced of these systems. How can water that has been chemically treated and filtered ever be as pure as water that comes from a mountain spring? If you consider where this water has been and what it was used for (I'm talking about the sewage and waste water). So I wanted to find something that not only took care of the added chemicals but also transformed water back to its pure state. If you are familiar with Emoto's work, you probably know that water shows specific structures when frozen and put under a microscope. In the picture below you can see how tap water looks compared to filtered water, compared to pure water. I wanted to drink water as close to the natural pure water as possible.

Initially, I could not find the system I was looking for and abandoned the thought just for it to resolve all by itself a couple weeks later when a friend showed me what he has been using. I immediately knew that this was the system I had been searching for. I checked online and ordered the portable water device off ebay, I even found a brand new one for a fraction of the price! Hallelujah! Me and my partner were eager to try it and blind tested immediately different waters: tap, structured tap with the device, bottled, and structured bottle with the device. Each time we could tell which one was the structured, it just tasted totally different. My partner put it accurately: "This just tastes like REAL water." At this point, even bottled water didn't quite taste as great anymore.

So how does it work? There is absolutely no chemical process involved with this device. It works on the level of quantum physics. It allows the water to circulate in a specific vortex system, which it would do in nature and in turn the water gets purified. Through structuring, the toxins in the water (heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, hormones, ...) are being neutralised through the molecular change. Toxins are pulled into the inner molecule of the water so they pass through the body without being absorbed. Everything in the water is structured, the gases go into the air and the frequency memories (yes, water carries memories!) are being erased. In the words of the inventor: "You are a filter for all you eat. What part of an apple goes into your cells? Energy."

Does it work? I believe and feel it does. Immediately after structuring a glass of water, I smelled on it, because I had read that the gases will sit on the water as they get neutralised during structuring - because they will be heavier than air and lighter than water. I sniffed a concentrated amount of chlorine right into my lungs! I could not believe it! I blew on it like it says it on the website of the manufacturer and it did the trick. I have noticed that not only the water you structure gets changed, but also any liquid that sits close to it. I don't know how this happens exactly (physics and stuff... Could it be diffusion?) but I know it happens. It's like the water becomes alive and pulls the same of its kind in and restructures it. It's very fascinating. It is possible to fill a small amount of structured water into a spray bottle and spritz it on objects and liquids and the whole will change. There is in fact so much you can do with it, I am still exploring it.

The units come with a 10 year guarantee and can be returned if not satisfied within 90 days of purchase. There are whole house units, under the sink, shower units and also garden units. There are no replacement filters necessary. There is only the initial one off cost. There are quite some fascinating stories about the garden units - people reporting their garden taking on a whole new life. Fruits grow double the size (there are pictures) and the system attracting all sorts of interesting wild life. Everyone is being drawn to it. Flora and fauna flourishing, I am not surprised! See below the link to purchase and the inventor's facebook profile where you can read lots of testimonials and find additional information. Let me know your thoughts and experiences with water. xx

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