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So much going on!

Hi everyone, I hope you started well into this new decade! It is such a big one, for so many reasons... I feel for the first time in ages, we have been able to truly let go of all the old and step into something new and miraculous. January for me though has been a roller coaster of emotions, of closing of old karmic loops and of getting myself ready for some great life changes in 2020. Phew, yes, a lot going on.

(Art: Jaime Knight and Lena Wolff collaboration)

I had some intense encounters of the "old nature" which I must have subconsciously planned in some way, so everything could happen just as we entered 2020 to leave the old in the old. At least that's how it felt. I feel like I have finally graduated from some recurring themes and also came out the other side with unexpected insights.

One of the themes I had to deal with was emotional abuse and power struggles that stemmed from my childhood and also some of it was bleeding in from other lifetimes. So in the past, I had attracted quite a few narcissists in the form of personified toxic masculines (men and women), that gave me the opportunity to get to the bottom of this. A few weeks ago, when I met someone that I had encountered a couple of years ago of exactly that nature, the last piece finally clicked in place. How amazing is that? What felt so different though was that this time, I was not drawn into this person's reality at all, it literally felt like an empty shell or ghost from the past. Something that feels very definitely not real at all. And because of that, was very straight forward to deal with. Have you encountered this in your life especially recently as we entered this new decade? It feels as if we have put solid roots down already in this new era that we are currently creating. We can't go back and that gives me an amazing and reassuring feeling.

I am sure that we will create absolute magic in 2020 with all the work we have consistently put in and are continuing to put in. I see beauty, unlimited potential fulfilled and expressed and a lot of creativity for this year! How about you? xx Lena

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