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Set sail for new horizons! The New Earth

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

What times we are in! Who would have thought that so quickly so much would start to change... This is only the beginning of a massive destructuring process that is about to take place on earth. It might seem a bit chaotic and surely feels that way, yet all great change involves to a degree an uprooting that can be at times a bit stressful to say the least.

What I am seeing for the inhabitants of the earth is that we are truly setting sail for new horizons. Age old systems are about to crumble to make room for something new to be born. I have had several dreams last year indicating us rebuilding from scratch ... It felt brand new, there was nothing old left in that dream. We can already see massive changes in our environment, clear waters and pristine air conditions where there used to be pollution... But honestly, it was either this or humanity would destroy itself in the not too distant future. This is a wake up call.

I had a vision some time last year where I was in communication with the Earth. I felt Her refine and pure energy... It took my breath away. I saw where she was going and what was about to come. I saw that later down the line, she will also usher out the people that are living in the hollow earth (if you don't believe in this or not interested to hear, just skip to the next paragraph;-) There are highly conscious civilisations living inside of the earth, untouched and unscathed. These were in the beginning some of the people and tribes that survived major cataclysms on Earth and fled into the inner parts of the Earth and have built their own civilisations there. She will make the people unite once again... When it is time.

I don't think the destructuring process will be pretty and this is only the beginning, but we can sure make an effort to make it more graceful by returning to ourselves, knowing that our being is our sustenance. We create from the fullness of ourselves! There is so much we can now do individually to prepare. I have become very clear in that I am more than ever going to pursue my dreams. Taking into account that jobs might be at risk and general uncertainty, I have decided to withdraw fully from old human paradigms (because the vision of the new earth I am seeing doesn't support them at all) and start building towards my dream life where I am free of all that. Both feet need to go through the door now. And there is a massive gateway that has just opened. I encourage you to ask yourself these questions: "What is it that brings me true joy?" "How does my vision of work and life look like?" "How does it feel to live in this way?" "What can I do now to support these visions and bring them to life?"

If you need help brainstorming or going deeper to find your vision, your individual and personal dream that is the blueprint of your heart, contact me for a personalised session! I would love to help you discover xx Lena

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