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How to make the best out of your grocery shopping

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

In this piece, I am talking about how I manage to do organic, local food shopping on a budget.

If you are a health conscious individual, you surely pay attention where your groceries come from, if they're locally grown and organic. I certainly do and have since the new year started paying attention to it even more. I started into January with a water cleanse and was going through a big detox. I really wanted to break some physical addictions such as coffee and sugar and start intuitive eating again. I believe intuitive eating is only possible once our bodies get off of sugar (mainly). After a 5 day water cleanse every piece of fruit tasted just too sweet for me!

I wanted to kickstart the new year with a very healthy wholesome diet, as natural as possible. After being vegan, going raw and eventually finding my way back into a balanced eating habit, I have learned two things: Eating wholesome natural foods that are locally grown and in season makes me feel my best, additionally I gathered that any "extremes" are not healthy. So nowadays I enjoy a balanced diet, with occasional lean fish and meat and eggs. What I don't eat are processed foods or foods that contain too much sugar (also fruit!)

This would be a topic for another post, but starchy foods and sugar can bring our bodies out of balance because they feed off the yeast that naturally occurs in our bodies and make it overgrow. A candida overgrowth is a very uncomfortable experience - I can go into that in a different post if you like.

On my quest to fill up my fridge and cupboards with good stuff, I realised that I really don't want to shop at big stores such as Sainsburys or Tesco's anymore. The quality and quantity of organic is very sparse and in addition, their plastic packaging is atrocious. So I decided to get a weekly or two weekly box of groceries from the company "Planet Organic". There are several companies, depending on where you live, available. They all have one thing in common, they work together with local farmers to ensure local produce and deliver straight to your door. You can get everything you need for a two week supply of food delivered - from coconut milk, to kefir, meat, fresh fruit and veggie (and even organic cleaning and beauty products). If you check the prices, you will find that they are not even more expensive than what your local stores carry (non organic). And they have always sales going on too.

What do I usually order? This is a good question because it has made me think more thoroughly about my consumption and how much I actually need to order. This helps tremendously with budgeting and just being organised. Also, the quality of every single item I have ordered was outstanding and it has been a pleasure to ingest these foods.

Let me know about your food shopping, I'm curious to know how everyone else does it!



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