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How to achieve Goddess Skin

We all want healthy, radiant youthful skin, don't we? As goddesses, we want products that not only help us look good, but that FEEL good. It can get quite confusing with all the different products out there, all the brands and names. I know all too well and I spent a vast amount of time reading all the labels and ingredients in the so-called "product favs" of instagramers and beauty gurus.

As I learned over the years through my own experience and by studying the marketing and branding of popular brands, you gotta trust your feeling! Just because something works for someone, it isn't necessarily the best product for you. Also, I learned that my body is extremely sensitive and oftentimes, a product that someone swears by, is just way too harsh for me. I tried out many product, mostly non-toxic as that's what I feel is best for my body. I take pleasure in exploring the green beauty world and finding things that work well. Also, as a mystic I love exploring the ancient recipes and secrets known and practised by the Egyptian and Lemurian civilisations. I dabble in herbalism here and there and make my own concoctions here and there ;) So I thought I'd share some very simple things, you can start using for your skin and hair that will truly make you feel and look like a goddess.

1. Argan Oil: I love oils! Especially due to a tendency of drying skin and hair, but oils work really well for everyone- especially for irritation prone skin and mixed or dry skin. Argan oil has been used by the Ancient civilisations for a very long time and comes from the kernels of the Argan trees of Morocco. The oil has traditionally been used in the cuisine too and has a very tasty nutty flavour. I find it too expensive and rich to use on a regular basis for cooking, but I love using it on my skin and hair. When you buy yours, make sure you get one organically made and cold-pressed. To preserve its qualities, it should come in a brown glass bottle.

2. Aloe Very Gel: Another one of my favourites. You can use the cooling Aloe Gel for literally anything. You can use it to treat slight burns or irritations, to cool you down in summer and provide some moisture - or, something I discovered just recently, as a hair and edge gel! It's not tacky but holds hair in place and is gone from your hair the next day, as the hair will soak up the gel.

3. Bentonite Clay: This is such an all rounder and can be used for so many things, externally and internally. Bentonite clay has been used by cultures throughout the ages, such as the Egyptians or Aztecs due to its many amazing health benefits. It absorbs and removes toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals from the body. I mostly use it to make masks and mix it with other nourishing ingredients, but it can be used for oral health, detox baths or dissolved in water for internal cleansing. You can purchase bentonite clay from your trusted health shop, just make sure its in its pure form.

These are just three of my favourite all natural products! Let me know if you'd like me to share more xx

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