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Healthy teeth no fluoride

I honestly was quite programmed to believe that fluoride toothpaste was the reason I never had issues with my teeth. Until each time after brushing my teeth, I got super sensitive to the point of feeling jab like pains all over my teeth. My feeling told me what I was using was somehow not good for my enamel and that I needed to switch to a natural toothpaste immediately.

I done quite a bit of research and also tried and tested different brands and products. I can feel how products and things feel and work on my body and it took me quite a bit until I was satisfied with anything. In fact, I stopped using conventional tooth products all together for a while and used an organic, fragrance free jojoba / coconut oil simple bar of soap! I must say that I was really surprised how well this worked. Teeth feel squeaky clean. The reason for me to do this was that I read that glycerin makes it hard for our saliva to re-enamelise the teeth. Which naturally happens all the time especially after eating. Glycerin leaves a sticky film on teeth that can't be rinsed off effectively enough. I just couldn't really find a toothpaste with no glycerin that also passed my ingredients test... The soap seemed to really balance my mouth! I used it for a few months and was pretty happy with it. After a while though I started missing the minty flavour and found the perfect replacement: A mint flavoured tooth soap. I have been using this soap now for a couple of months and am very happy. What's really good is it lasts you forever! You also get a nice foam which you might like. Out of curiosity I also bought another tooth paste. It's a mix of Aloe Vera, Neem, Myrrh and certified organic essential oils. There are different flavours, but I tried the fennel one. I quite like that one too. I try to stay away from charcoal based ones as I find them too abrasive and harsh. The brands I use are plastic free too by the way, so yay. My teeth feel good and I never had the pains anymore. I am scheduled for a visit at the hygienist and am really curious what she's gonna say. I will keep you posted on that.

I would say that brushing your teeth is just one part of the secret to a healthy mouth and teeth though. By the way, the way you brush is so crucial as well. Are you a zombie brusher? I advise to really take time to brush and feel out your teeth with your tongue to see where it needs more cleaning and just brush more mindfully in general. But like I said, this is just one side of the coin. The state of your teeth is also a result of nutrition and diet. Does your body get sufficient nutrients to keep your teeth healthy? Do you always sip some water after eating? This will do a lot and is easy to incorporate as a new habit! What do you use to clean your teeth? Let me know in the comments!

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