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Does fear ever cease to exist?

As you probably guessed it - no, it doesn't. I look at fear as one of the emotions that pops up here and there when something wants to shift or be released. I realised there are always certain beliefs or thoughts present that want to be addressed when fear presents itself. The thoughts depend on the level of perception you are at at that moment. For example, you might have been scared of dying at one point, you overcome this fear when you realise that there is no death. By realising this, you have dissolved the illusion of death and fear is being released - in other words you just shifted your perception of reality. This is how I approach it: Fear comes up, it usually gets triggered by certain things, it could be something you see, smell, think about, hear... Anything can act as a trigger, this can also be very unconscious and thus fear appears "out of the blue". When I tune into the feeling when it presents itself, I see it as knots of energy - I go right into the knot, finding out the illusion that binds this knot of energy and thoughts together. However you do it, find out what the fear is about. If you are visual like me, you might try and "see" how it looks like to you. Or you simply feel into it and sense what it is about. As you ask yourself what the fear is, you will find out exactly what you're scared of. It doesn't always makes sense, just allow whatever wants to come up to present itself. I then allow myself to feel it and ask for the insights. What does this want to tell me? Why is it there? I detach from it, hover above it and ask to see a bigger picture. By allowing this bigger picture to emerge, insights will ripple through and this will allow you to shift it. This can take some time and sometimes it takes a few attempts. Trust that there is a reason for this and the reason has to do with you learning the right thing in divine timing. The "knots" can be very multilayered and this just sometimes needs a bit more time to untangle. But as you do in your own time, it will shift and the fear will no longer be present. I do this not only on myself, but also with clients with great success. It's all about managing fear and eventually mastering it. It's how we approach it and our mindset too, not being afraid of the fear, but embracing it because it always has something to teach us.

When we've dissolved a substantial amount of illusions, there might be nothing obvious that triggers fear for a moment. I thought at one point, maybe this is how it can be diminished and there is no more need for it. But for as long as we are moving through this infinite journey exploring and expanding, there will be fear too. It's part of the whole and and as we are experiencing life as individuated beings, fear is somehow connected to expansion. Most recently, I was in a situation that felt completely strange to me. I was at a doctors office, something that used to always scare me. This is a fear I've always had and I know that it stems from past incarnational cycles that had to do with experimentation (a topic for another post! lol). Anyways, as I was sitting in the waiting room this time, fear wasn't quite as prominent as it used to be and I started seeing that I was the creator of everything. This realisation just slowly rippled through me as I sat there and filled out my whole being. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I created this experience right now, all the people and all the things in the waiting room were in fact a creation of myself. Mirrors of me. Nothing was separate from me, although it had appeared to be. I had this huge realisation. This insight wasn't new to me, but it was new in that moment. I made a leap in consciousness and everything started to look different to me - I felt odd and guess what, fear came up again. I was expanding and a part of me got scared for a moment because everything would be different! I was scared of change and "losing myself". Isn't this such a paradox? How can we lose ourselves when we are everything there is? We play part in this huge thing that builds on seeming paradoxes and opposites when in fact there are none. I allowed acceptance to settle in. Acceptance for playing my role in this stage play, accepting the human experience as an individuated being and with that accepting all emotions and the transience in all. With love xx Lena

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