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DIY Toothpaste Recipe

Hi darlings,

I shared a video on Instagram TV on how you can make your own toothpaste with 100% natural ingredients and thought I'd write it down quickly on the blog too for you. Preferably you choose all high quality organic ingredients. So what you need is:

- 2 tea spoons bi carbonate of soda

- 1 tea spoon fine sea salt

- 3 tea spoons coconut oil

- essential oil of your choice (peppermint, spearmint, rosemary, lemon, lime, ...)

The essential oils won't give it a taste, just a smell. Add them only after you have mixed the other ingredients into a paste. The toothpaste will taste a bit salty, but don't worry, you get used to it quickly. I suggest using this toothpaste once a week and see how your teeth and gums take it and then increase from there. The shelf life of this is 24 months. Have fun re creating and let me know how it goes xx

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