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Find your perfect home and make it your Sanctuary

I felt that I wanted to share a few things that have helped me to connect and create a beautiful home, within and without. Me and my partner have recently moved into a new place - we have been searching and waiting patiently to find this place, let me tell you that! It just never felt quite right, all the places that we looked at always had one thing "missing". With "missing" I mean one thing that was part of my vision of a "perfect place for us". Things like: no bathtub, no balcony or garden (either one would be fine) or no dishwasher. Maybe you are laughing now, but these were some of the things that I really wanted our new home to have and I wasn't ready to make any compromises! Or... simply the rent was too much, which happens often in London. If I told you now what I envisioned as the rent I was ready to pay you'd think that "this was never possible" - but no, it is all possible.

After months of active search and "keeping our eyes open" for the right place, we finally found it. I was absolutely overjoyed. So here I wanted to share a few things that have helped me to get that sanctuary I dreamed of having.

1. First of all, you have to envision your dream home and what you are trying to get. Take a large piece of paper, some crayons and pens and start writing. Draw and describe your new home. How does it look like? What does it feel like? What features does it have? Go into every little details with your fantasy and also practical information. Also get down to the nitty gritty: How much does it cost? How are the transport links? Where is it located? Draw and flesh out your perfect home until it feels complete. What I'd like to mention here is, do not be too specific in a sense of "I want it to be in this specific exact area", but more like "This area would be ideal or anything that provides the same or better experience." Allow it to be open ended.

2. Important and probably most challenging part: You have to get rid of any and all limiting belief systems that might still be running. Whenever you notice thoughts that are in any way limiting your vision or negative self talk, you have to become aware and allow them to dissipate. This is ongoing work and don't be hard on yourself if they still emerge out of the ether after dealing with them thoroughly! Be ready to do the work and stalk yourself. Whenever you feel like something is making itself known you can always write down these thoughts and go deeper. Where are they coming from, which core belief systems are they part of? Are you ready to release them? Keep going and always remember that you are at the center of it all - the world around you is a direct reflection of you and your beliefs.

4. Keep your eyes open and get active! Many truth seekers can get stuck with this point, but fact is that we have to be ready to get our hands dirty. It will be magically delivered to us, but we have to do our part too! So start searching and talking to people, let people know that you are looking for your perfect home. These are the instruments through which the Infinite works the magic - so be ready to hear your friend drop a comment about a place becoming available or an advert/message you see on the street. Don't force anything, but let yourself fall into sweet surrendered trust that things are unfolding in the perfection they're meant to. Open yourself up to RECEIVE all these hints that will eventually lead you to your perfect home.

3. You know it when you found it! When we first arrived for the viewing, I knew from the very start that this place would become our new home. All the things I had envisioned were there and more! But let me tell you a little story... When I did my vision board, I had let the London house price mentality to get to me (without realising) and I thought that the price that I initially envisioned maybe wouldn't be realistic. So I settled for a different number as the maximum for rent. The rent for our new home was almost unbelievably cheap for London and we were over the moon. After we were told that we got the place, I could feel something being "manifested", but I didn't know what it was - so we found out that the landlords had to increase the rent by 100 pounds which made it EXACTLY the number I had settled for after I gave in to my limiting belief! YES, this is how powerful we are! Do you believe me now when I tell you everything is possible? Anyways, this just wanted to teach me a lesson that was well received. I am very sure that you can just as easily manifest a home for free. The question is: Are you willing to step in your power and right to do it?

4. Decorating and enjoying: Well this is the fun part, isn't it? I find that with decorating a new home there is a tendency to wanting it all done immediately. Allow it all to be a process - there is never a point of arrival anywhere, why should it be different with decorating a home? Find pleasure in setting up the small things. Find joy in the simplest of tasks such as organising drawers or cupboards. Assign specific corners to specific activities - for example, this is where I sit down to journal. This is where I get dressed and ready for the day, etc. Don't feel rushed to buy anything, take your time to find the right piece of furniture in perfect timing - I find this so important. I feel decorating a home is much like working on an exquisite painting. The picture emerges over time and it's all about the act of painting, not finishing it - but completing it at the right time.

This is all I can think of for the moment to create your perfect home, I hope you enjoyed reading xx



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