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Are you using your Yoni egg, Sis?

You might think that this is just another trend in the spiritual community if you haven't tried it. So I wanted to talk a bit about my yoni egg practise and what it's brought me.

The official name of these egg shaped crystals are "Jade Eggs" and they have actually been around for over two thousand years. They belonged to the practice and culture of the secret lives of concubines of emperors and the royal circles of the Asian continent. According to ancient Taoist tradition, a strong vagina and pelvic floor intensifies life force energy. It was and still is believed that when a woman does her kegels or vaginal weightlifting with a yoni egg or jade egg that energy is lifted and intensified within, which amplifies her chi energy outward where it is transformed into higher spiritual energy (see source below).

Throughout my journey of healing my womb space I have discovered the womb space to be our power centre from which we create and birth things into existence, a sacred gateway, but also a highly intuitive place that stores all sorts of memories and emotions. Our yoni temples really have a life of their own and oftentimes know much more than what we are consciously aware of! I have finally started my practice with the yoni egg which proved to take my healing to the next level.

I am personally using a jade egg. I felt drawn to this stone, it's sturdy and in case it drops, it can't break as it is a very hard stone. But there are many options available from rosequartz, to obsidian, to clear quartz... Whatever you feel most resonating is the one for you.

I leave the egg in for as long as I feel it should be in. Meaning, it comes out when the healing is complete. It feels extremely comfortable and oftentimes sits somewhere different. One time it went really deep inside that I was almost afraid I couldn't get it out anymore. It felt "locked in place"! Yet again, it came out when the healing was complete and that time I could feel a particularly big shift after. What I have noticed is that it leaves my womb space feeling "clear" and lighter after each use and it has also happened to me that I experienced spontaneous emotional releases a day or two after wearing it. The strengthening of the muscles to me is not the main reason I am using it - but you can feel it toning your muscles and sort of it all being more alive and awake, which can certainly benefit your sex life.

I recommend the yoni egg practice to every sister that wants to go a step further in discovering and reclaiming her divine feminine powers, is on a healing journey and everyone that is curious to explore her temple more. xx Lena


This is a company I trust and it's where I purchased my Jade egg. You can check them out for more information:

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