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An Egyptian Tale

I had the most interesting experience the other weekend accompanied by many signs and synchronicities. I have always been fascinated by ancient Egypt - I have been able to get a lot of information about this time via my intuition. I always felt that I have a special connection to this time and the magic of the land. The knowledge acquired during this time has come to me spontaneously, especially when I am working with plants and herbs to make beauty products or remedies. Which is actually quite fascinating.

Since probably last year, the stories of ancient Egypt, the Goddesses and their magic have been coming to me - even people started talking about it to me unexpectedly. All of this was connected with deeper realisations about myself, about the nature of the Goddess, the one I am- honestly, I have been struggling to accept this for a long time. The experiences of the past weekend have helped me tremendously to settle into acceptance of that and have made me honor myself on a whole new level. It's funny how this realisation came about and unfolded. So let's get to the story...

My mom came to visit me over the weekend. My mom and I haven't exactly had an easy relationship and we are still not having a "typical" mother-daughter relationship. Which I have completely accepted at this point. I have for the first time been able to see her with different eyes, to see the tremendous gift she has been giving me by making me go through the challenges of this relationship ;-) And there is actually another realisation that I had at the same time and it has to do with family. I had to learn to loosen up the "concept of family" as it has no real meaning except for the one society gives it. It's totally fine not to be close with blood relatives - sometimes it's the healthiest to love them from afar. This has clicked on a way deeper level for me and it has proven very helpful to just keep the "vision" for them. What I mean by this is to hold a vision for them to become their own best version and then just let it be and let go of all expectations.

Walked past this house the next day - another funny synchronicity.

Back to the story, I went into a jewelry store with my mom, it was very spontaneous! The store had Egyptian handmade jewelry from Cairo, very beautiful pieces. The sales person opened a drawer and then I saw it... A necklace... Somehow I didn't want to (I am still making peace with materialism and expensive things!), but my feeling told me to try it on. As I put on the necklace I had some massive goosebumps and everyone in the store turned their head around and looked at me, the energy was very heightened. My mom couldn't believe her eyes and said that this necklace must be meant for me. She bought it for me and I haven't taken it off ever since. The necklace has been made in reminiscence of the Goddess Isis. I felt this when I just put it on and then the sales person said it... It confirmed it.

We then went into a cafe to have some tea and my mom said she couldn't stop staring at me and that for some reason I started to look Egyptian. She said since we left the store, she couldn't forget a book she had read decades ago - long before my time. It was the story of an amulet that always found its way back to Isis - in whatever incarnation she was, to help the person remember their true power and essence. As she said those words, tears started streaming down my face and I knew she just spoke to me very directly. The necklace has unlocked a whole new level of being-ness in me, my Goddess nature, my true being... And I couldn't be more grateful for that. How interesting that this experience happened with the one person that I always tried "to make me see for who I really am"... I also feel that this wound has been healed or its healing is becoming complete. I am no longer trying to be seen, I know and see myself. Ever since this happened, I feel like dying my hair darker. As if a new facet of my being wants to come forth now - and it's full of magic, joy and love!

xx Lena

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