Launching Soon

I am thrilled to announce that I am working on an epic membership program that will be up and running later on this year.

The UNIVERSE OF THE GODDESS is a place that brings together wisdom of the old and new, knowledge from long forgotten times - honouring the innate wisdom of the heart. With special guests, pioneers and trailblazers from all over the world, we discuss everything the new paradigm brings forth. The desire in creating this sacred online space is to enrich the life of the modern Goddess, to inspire her to live a fully empowered, self-sovereign life and equip her with all that she needs to connect her to her innate wisdom. This space is a place for (re)connection and shared wisdom, but also a place to meet and be in contact with other like minded individuals to form lasting relationships of like mind and heart: a community of the New Earth is being birthed.



This offering is for the woman that wants to dive deep into her wisdom, clear old paradigm beliefs and harness her true authentic power within. This program is for the lightworkers, the visionaries and earth keepers that are ready to build a new reality for themselves - one in oneness with nature, the body and spirit. If you are already a healer, intuitive or energy worker that is great - but even if you haven't yet started to develop your abilities, you can trust that this program will get you to the next evolutionary stage, equipping you with sacred information and knowledge. The alchemy conjured in a group of visionaries is extremely potent. Not only will you learn from trailblazers from around the world the most progressive and groundbreaking approaches to healing and wellbeing, you will activate this within you. 

The topics that the talks will include (but not limited to):


  • Birthing in your power: pregnancy, birth and postpartum as an awakened Goddess


  • Herbs and medicine plants: how to make your own potions and tinctures, how to grow your own herbs and plants, etc.


  • Becoming self-sufficient and self-sustainable: permaculture, your own herb, fruit and vegetable garden, what you need, how to get started, etc.


  • Creating ultimate health with food as your medicine, finding out exactly what your body needs, super and miracle foods of nature, healing foods, recipes and more

  • Rituals: learning and creating powerful alchemy in alignment with the Earth and All that Is, vibrational medicine and receiving activations

  • Alchemy: learning powerful techniques that might just change your life!

  • and much more


The membership includes: 

  • Exclusive new content in form of weekly talks and conversation with trailblazers and pioneers in their fields from all over the world, as well as additional content in form of writing and materials.

  • Exclusive access to all the archived content, videos and talks via the membership site.

  • Monthly live meeting to alchemise our dreams together (highly potent)


  • Special deals and offers on products, 1:1 sessions, retreats, workshops, etc.

  • Access to the private members community to meet and connect with like minded individuals and form relationships for life.

Register your interest now via my mailing list at the bottom of this page. I am so excited to start this journey with you! Much much love, L.


© 2020 by The Visionary Goddess. 

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