Fragrance Alchemy

The Power of Scent 

Most of us have felt at some point or another that the sense of smell is remarkably powerful. In fact, recent studies have shown how smells can impact emotion, mood and behaviour. But that is not all, the scent is the only sensory organ that has not fallen into forgetfulness - into the dream of separation. It is through scent that we can be reminded of our Oneness and the time where we were one with Source. Fragrance Alchemy as a modality allows us to shift gracefully into a higher order of life.

Fragrance Alchemy oils are specifically formulated to carry the frequencies of these higher vibratory states. Most of the oils come from the town of Luxor, Egypt, manufactured according to old family traditions. The secret formulas of these exceptional fragrance oils have been passed on from generation to generation with meticulous care (Fragrance Alchemy 2019). 

Almine, the greatest seer and mystic of our time, has hand-picked the oils for their pure essence, based on the frequencies or ‘tones’ that they carry. They are then infused with alchemical powers that work in specific ways with the meridian system, chakras, and other body systems.

These fragrance essences are in a class of their own, and as a modality for healing and higher consciousness, Fragrance Alchemy is unparalleled. It has the power to shed eons of programs, limiting beliefs, and overall density in the body so that we can evolve beyond our current reality. It works gently but powerfully and can be experienced with all of our being as we smell and feel the oils on our body and subtle bodies.

The oils operate at many levels of depth and they evolve infinitely with the cosmos. At one level, they clear mental confusion, at another they clear emotional distortion, and at a deeper level they harmonize body, soul, and spirit as we experience and heal through remembering Oneness.

Fragrance Alchemy Sessions 

I offer in person Fragrance Alchemy sessions at my home in London. There are different protocols available from which we can choose what best suits your needs. You are welcome to email me prior to booking to discuss the best option for you. 

Fragrance Alchemy can be used for:

  • Clearing the 12 Main Meridians of the Body from memories and imprints to change the cellular matrix to the higher evolution of expression. This protocol clears blockages caused by separation consciousness in form of memory, linear time and negative emotions. Meridians are energy channels through which vital energy circulates in the body. There are 12 Main Meridians, paired in Yin and Yang lines transporting energy throughout the body.

  • Clearing the 8 Extraordinary Meridians of the Body from memories and imprints. This protocol clears memories that have been held in the 8 Extraordinary Meridians. The Extraordinary Meridians represent the deepest level of energetic structuring. They serve as deep reservoirs from which the 12 Main Meridians can be replenished, and into which they can drain their excesses. The application of the alchemical oils on the meridians acupuncture points helps to facilitate the release and removal of these blockages to allow deep healing flow of life force.

  • Healing Sexual Abuse through the 20 Meridians of the Body. This protocol includes the protocols of the 12 Main Meridians together with the protocol for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians.

  • Clearing Birth Trauma and other Genetic Memories from the skull. 

  • Healing Genetic Imprints through the Five Elements (Earth, Fire, Wind, Fire, Aether) to bring dynamic balance to individual perspective and expression. This protocol facilitates the elimination of genetic programs.

  • and more


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