Very happy to present this new section with up and coming live events, workshops and retreats that I will be offering in 2020. 

The idea has been there for a while to create these physical spaces to share, connect, heal and transform. I am excited to announce the first few events happening this year below, please contact me with any questions or to save your spot:



In this affordable gathering, we will be journaling together, setting new intentions for the year ahead. We will hold space for each other to share whatever it is that wants to shared, dreaming in the new. There is a group healing included in this 2 hour session. Be ready for deep transformation and infinite blessings. Contact me to save your spot. 

21 +22


Join me and Christina Treviño on this magical and possibly life altering 2 day workshop in Central London where we dive into the world of Fragrance Alchemy and Belvaspata - Angelic Healing of the Heart - to facilitate deep healing, clearing and transformation. Are you ready to clear out the old and receive blessings beyond measure? Contact me to save your spot. 


© 2020 by The Visionary Goddess. 

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