What is Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart?

Belvaspata means "Healing of the Heart" in the ancient light language of the Infinite Mother. It is a healing modality of light and frequency that was introduced by the world renowned mystic and seer Almine in Ireland 2006 following major cosmic changes. 


These changes have occurred with the ascension of the Earth in 2005 reversing polarity and thus changing the way healing modalities work. No longer do opposites attract. Like attracts like now and opposite energies repel. Belvaspata works within these cosmic laws of physics and uses sigils of light that draw in higher consciousness into areas of sickness, instead of sending healing energy to "sick energy".

Mystic and Toltec Nagual Almine

Belvaspata works on the principle that all disease (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual etc.) is an illusion and thus an area of life where perfection is not seen. Belvaspata attempts to dispel the illusion underlying disease that separates us from our greater oneness with all of its healing potential. Through Belvaspata the individual is remembered of its wholeness and perfection underlying all illusion.

Belvaspata is Angel Powered!

Angels are assigned to sacred sigils (a type of writing that holds a specific frequency) that are being placed where they are most needed, e.g. a specific area in the body/energy field. This stimulates the divine frequencies and creates self-healing by shattering blockages in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. As a body of work Belvaspata evolves with the cosmos and there are many different specialty protocols designed to work for just about any area of life. During the session and depending on your unique situation and specific needs, I will determine which ones to use to promote optimal healing and well being.

The Belvaspata healing modality has been dubbed the “modality of miracles” and truly needs to be felt to experience the profound changes that it can bring about for the one who is receptive to its blessing. It is a profoundly gentle healing modality, so gentle in fact that it is the only modality that does not require permission from the receiver to be performed. Instead, rather than imposing anything, the blessing merely lingers in the field of the receiver until they are ready to accept it.


Belvaspata helps us to remember who we truly are and supports humanity to begin this new era of true heart centered living.

Benefits of Belvaspata:

  • Promotes the removal of illusions that cause ill health and mental/emotional disease

  • Restores clarity, purpose and peace of mind. Brings confidence in one's abilities

  • Renews access to pure and true emotions of love, joy, inspiration, gratitude, trust, etc.

  • Assists with the healing of long-standing patterns and release of trauma

  • Accelerates spiritual evolution and awakening, clearing out limiting beliefs and ideas

  • Assists with seeing and enhancing the perfection of life

  • Assists with promoting full expression, where full expression is blocked or hindered

  • Assists with expanding into the capacity to "create through the heart" a life of joy, peace, abundance, etc.

Your session:

Sessions can be done in person, in my home in South London (or Switzerland - where I travel often to see clients, please contact me directly to find out about my availability). A session can also be done remotely, just as effectively and successfully, from wherever you are in the world.  

A remote session looks something like this: We talk via email or Skype/Zoom about your situation and the area of your life you would like to address. You then lie down comfortably in a quiet and warm space at the agreed time for the healing. We then connect again via email or Skype/Zoom to share information that has made itself available after the session. Sessions can be done in English or German.  

If you have any further questions please contact me here, for bookings click here.

(Pictures: "Paintings of Light" Artwork by Almine, copyright Almine, SpiritualJourneys LLC.) 


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