1-1 Transformation Program

"A Creatrix is a female creator who is deeply connected to herself as a Woman and the Feminine Source of Creative power."

The CREATRIX is the newest addition to my offerings and it is totally unique in the way it has been created. This program is a 1 month course/mentorship where I guide you through different processes to remove any and all blocks that are in the way of you creating the most abundant life for yourself beyond your wildest dreams. 

This program is for the woman who is ready to step into a full version of herself, into her authentic Self that she is fearlessly expressing, stepping into her purpose and soul mission, leaving old wounds behind and unlocking the potential of her true creative power. From this power center, when it is utilised and in a state of flow, everything can be created with ease in all areas of life. The program is fully custom made along the main aspects to suit your individual needs and desires.

During the 4 weeks, you will learn how to tap into your own intuition and develop your psychic awareness and senses, but also remove age old blocks that might have hindered you in the past from achieving your greatest dreams. This includes any wounds and blocks from other lifetimes as it is all intrinsically connected to your experience in the here and now. Not only will you emerge absolutely transformed and empowered, you will have gained a new sense of purpose and perspective on life.

What you can expect is an absolutely tailored service from me as your guide, intuitive, medicine woman, sister and biggest fan and cheerleader! It gives me great joy to watch you claim what is rightfully yours and I am here for it all, guiding you through every step of the way, side by side. My commitment to you is 200%!


What's included in the package:

  • 1 x weekly 90 minute 1-1 session where we work through the different processes. This includes clearing and removing old belief patterns, healing of wounds and alchemising and manifesting your desires for the future. You will work on your own during the week on different assignments with my guidance.

  • All day access to me via email to discuss anything that comes up for you and full support to guide you through any process that emerges as a result of this powerful work.

  • Additional remote healing sessions during the weeks to support the process.

  • 2 x 45 minute brief and debrief sessions in the beginning and end of us working together. We define goals, needs and focus of our sacred work together. 

  • 3 months free access to The Universe of the Goddess Portal with weekly talks and conversation, study materials and access to a private community of fellow Goddesses and light beings to create friendships for life.

The sacred exchange rate for The CREATRIX is GBP 999.

(The amount can be paid in full or installments.) 

If this speaks to you, get in touch to discuss any questions and arrangements or make your booking on The Temple


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